What Every Vermonter Should Know about the F-35

10 FACTS from the U.S. Air Force Environmental Impact Statement

  1. The F-35 is at least 4 times louder than the F-16.
  2. The F-35 will put 2944 homes, 6675 people, 5 schools and 6 churches in a zone “generally not considered suitable for residential use” including more than half of Winooski.
  3. Homes exposed to the increased noise from the F-35 may lose between 11{33979494efa9b9c28f844b5c37a1ddedf4bb90a2eb3dac7a83ede58b7eac2e67} and 42{33979494efa9b9c28f844b5c37a1ddedf4bb90a2eb3dac7a83ede58b7eac2e67} of their value.
  4. Projected “Class A Mishaps” (the crash rate) for the F-35 is 11 times higher than those of the F-16.