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Click here for a link to Board seeks information about jet and health and other articles.

Burlington Board of Health

On Thursday, October 11, 2012, the Burlington Board of Health met to receive public comments about the health effects of the F35 basing in Vermont.

The Stop the F35 coalition’s community meeting at the Chamberlin School in So. Burlington the night before was well attended and that was wonderful. But regrettably not many folks attended the BOH meeting, so it may have seemed as though not many area residents were concerned. (Folks did not have to live in Burlington to voice their concerns.)

Happily for us, however, the BOH decided to accept written comments about the health effects associated with these stealth bombers/fighter jets. We would like to urge everyone to take the time to send in your comments and/or articles which relate to the health issues associated with these planes. Here is a compelling Washington Post article on the health effects of noise entitled, “Noise Pollution Takes Toll on Health and Happiness”
You can send your comments to: Linda Ayer, Burlington Board of Health Administrator at [email protected]. (please ask her to acknowledge receipt of your email.)
The BOH will inform the public on Thursday, November 8 at 5:45 pm on whether or not they will issue a statement of opposition to the basing. It will send a powerful message to the USAF if they oppose this basing! Your comments and information can help make this happen, so please take a few moments to let them know your concerns.

MacGovern doesn’t want F-35 planes at Vt. airport

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