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Top 10 Misconceptions

Top 10 misconceptions about the F-35


1)  “Without it, the base will close because the F-16 mission must end soon and there is no other air mission for our Air Guard.”


2)  “Without the F-35s, the entire county’s economy will suffer; look what happened to Plattsburgh.”


3)  “People who think home values and thereby the tax base will drop have no facts to back that up.”


4)  “People who oppose this mission are just a bunch of peace-niks–the types who protest everything.”


5)  “Nobody cares about Winooski, anyway; it’s all cheap rental properties, anyway.”


6)  “The people who oppose the F35s keep calling it a “stealth bomber” but its real job is to patrol our airspace. We all agree we need that!”


7)  “F-16s just aren’t good enough. Other countries will get the F-35 and we will be at their mercy.”


8)  “Six minutes of extremely loud noise is just a minor inconvenience and no health threat whatsoever.”


9)  “This area desperately needs new jobs.”


10)  “The Air Force says this is the right place.”