Exposing Leahy’s Legacy of Lies




There is evidence that the Burlington F-35 basing selection process was corrupt.  The evidence was acquired as part of a lawsuit filed against the Secretary of the Air Force.  There are dozens and dozens of references showing that Senator Patrick Leahy, in collaboration with Vermont Air National Guard officials, manipulated data and pressured the Air Force to select Burlington while claiming they had not been involved.  There are also numerous quotations from Air Force basing experts stating that Burlington was not environmentally or operationally a suitable location for the F-35. 

In September 2019, distinguished Vermonters (religious leaders, military veterans, physicians, elected officials and residents) presented this evidence to Senator Leahy during week-long visits to his office.  On each of the five days of visits, Senator Leahy’s staff was given a 35-page document titled “Evidence of Corruption of the F-35 Burlington Basing Process” detailing some of the lies and corruption. The Senator ignored this and his constituents.  

The evidence was also given to the press, who ignored it, perhaps because the documentation was lengthy, and the press deal in sound bites.  So, the evidence has been re-packaged into individual statements (direct quotations) from the Air Force official record. These are being re-presented to Senator Leahy and to the press one at a time, five days a week, for the next few months. 

After reading the quotations to Senator Leahy’s staff (or to him), citizens will ask for his response to the Air Force statements, and they will also request that he initiate an independent investigation into the F-35 Burlington basing selection process.