Vote YES on Article Five!

The Air Force Must Obey the Law.


  • Air Force data shows the planned F-35 basing makes 2/3 of the housing units in Winooski “unsuitable for residential use.”
  • By unanimous vote, the Winooski City Council adopted a resolution in 2013 saying the Air Force, “…did not adequately address the questions and concerns…” of the council about the impact of the F35 basing.
  • The Air Force failed to comply with the requirements of federal laws in making the basing decision.
  • Vote YES on Article Five to request the City of Winooski join the lawsuit to demand full compliance from the Air Force. The Air Force must obey the law!


Article Five is non-binding and advisory ONLY!

Vote YES on Article Five and bring

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 March 3, 2015 – Senior Center, Barlow Street

Documents pertaining to the lawsuit can be found at:

The USAF says homes in the F35 noise impact zone will be considered “unsuitable for residential use”

The Northwestern Vermont Board of Realtors now requires a Noise Disclosure Statement on all home sales within the future F35 noise impact zone.

Protect Our Community!

Vote YES! on Article Five