Help 60 Minutes expose the VT F35-Gate scandal!

Please contact 60 Minutes or call 212-975-3247 today!

           We are at a very critical point in bringing our serious and well-founded concerns about the F35 to the attention of the national media before the basing decision is released. Among other media outlets that are looking at our story is CBS 60 Minutes, and we need your help to influence their decision to do an investigative story on the VT F35-Gate scandal.
          The contact at 60 Minutes has received much of the background information we have developed for opposing the basing, including copies of the Vermont Department of Health statement, the Burlington Board of Health Resolution, as well as the South Burlington City Council and Winooski City Council resolutions along with many others (see for more info).
             Now, they need to hear from us why we are fighting to defend our homes and our communities from consideration of this damaging decision. Tell them why we refuse to become “collateral damage” for something that violates our Vermont ideals of environmental responsibility, social justice, welfare of others, healthy living, peace, community support, clean air and skies.
             The F35s are Vermont Wrong and our elected officials are F35 Deaf! Senator Leahy, with his recent ascension to the Senate Pro Tem position, and as the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has become a prominent figure for the media. With recent media attention focused on the F35s’ out of control expenses and continued mechanical issues, our actions now can get us the exposure we need before it’s too late! This story is waiting to break, but needs your help.
What we need now are your emails and phone calls asking for 60 Minutes to use their significant resources to further investigate the inappropriateness of this proposed basing.
            You can speak to the controversy of the issue, the contradictions and conflict that pit a retired US Air Force Colonel against a powerful US Senator, the wealthy proponents against low- and moderate- income populations, the military’s desires against the civilian population’s health and safety, those who have great influence and have the attention of our Senator, and those who have little and to whom he will not speak.
            This may be our last chance to have the spotlight shown on this inappropriate and out-of-scale proposed basing in Vermont. This whole thing is surreal in too many ways, except it is TOO real and it is on the verge of happening here if we don’t continue to speak against it.
            Please contact 60 Minutes at or call 212-975-3247 today! 
Your story is so important! Thank you for your continued efforts on this issue.

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