An Amazing Victory in Winooski, Vermont!

Winooski-65dB-Properties-18F35s-Scenario-1-Horace-ShawOn Tuesday, March 3, the citizens of Winooski voted yes to ask their city to join the federal lawsuit against the F35 basing in Vermont.  The lawsuit was filed by the Stop the F35 Coalition and asks the USAF to set aside its decision until a comprehensive EIS has been completed, and then make a decision based on the facts.  Although this vote was non-binding, it is a very powerful message that Winooski voters demand that due process under the law be served in an effort to protect their community from the F35s.

Thank you to everyone who helped with passing Article Five on the Winooski ballot, starting back in January with the dozens of incredible volunteers in our successful petition drive, to every single person that signed it, to those who educated their friends and neighbors about the article and urged their participation, to those who displayed lawn signs as a public show of support, to those who stood outside of the polls in the cold, and finally to every Winooski citizen who voted yes.

I’m so grateful and proud of our little City and the residents who care so deeply about its future!  It has been an honor to have met and worked with so many that appreciate their neighbors and community and are willing to stand up for Winooski and Vermont.  We are blessed to have such a truly an amazing and inspiring group of people that call our city their home!  None of this happened without the help of many, and I want to express my deep gratitude.

Please stay involved as our new Winooski Mayor, city council and city manager review the legal options to decide its next steps in this process.  This is a great opportunity for us to strengthen our lawsuit and protect our community.

Thank you voters of Winooski!